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Why choose just one service? UNLIMITED EVERYTHING! Use up to 4 services per day for the low price of $3.22/day!

Only $40.33 today
$110.00 monthly

Diamond Members gain access to the BEST sunbeds in every salon for the low price of $2.96/day!

Only $33.00 today
$90.00 monthly

Sapphire Members gain access to a 15 minute High Pressure Stand-Up, a 7 minute "Fastest Tan in the World" Stand-Up, and a 12 minute laydown w/Air Conditioning


Only $29.33 today
$80.00 monthly

Platinum Members gain access to 12 & 15 minute laydowns with adjustable facials & air conditioning as well as a super fast 8 minute stand up

Only $25.67 today
$70.00 monthly

Gold Members gain access to our first level of "Bronzing Beds".  This level includes either 10 minute stand ups or 15 minute lay downs.

Only $22.00 today
$60.00 monthly

Spa Membership


Don't want to UV tan but still want to treat yourself?  This memberships is the one for you!


For only $59.99 per month you will gain unlimited access to our POLY red light facial anti-aging machine, red light therapy beds,  AND our Cocoon Wellness FitPod.  You will also get teeth whitening AND Spray Tan sessions for 50% off with no limit!  

Must keep card on file. Cancel anytime. No contract. Want to pay cash? Save a card on file as backup and pay cash before your next billing date.  

10% OFF all red light enhancing products!

Only $22.00 today
$59.99 monthly

Unlimited Sunless Membership

Unlimited spray tans!


Enjoy access to any of our locations spray machines for the low price of $2.16/day!

Only $25.67 today
$70.00 monthly

SUNLESS All Access Pass

Unlimited spray tans PLUS includes double pass on face or legs as well as PREP spray and POST moisture spray!  Nothing out of pocket for all spray tan options! 

Only $29.33 today
$79.99 monthly

1 Month Cocoon

The Cocoon Wellness Sauna is an infrared sauna pod that utilizes a combination of a dry heat air convection system and a radiant infrared heat system. The portable saunas dual heat system is a unique feature that is not found in other infrared sauna systems.

The infrared sauna pod contains an ergonomic, vibration massage bed, serene mood lights, and a cooling face air systemAroma therapy and Himalayan salt enhances the air with to provide a refreshing salt breeze during the session.

For additional help in weight management, the infrared sauna pod includes a patented built-in exercise fitness system. This includes resistance bands of two different resistance levels with cushioned grips. Users can perform H.I.I.T exercises while enjoying their session.


1 Month Hydration Station

 ****ONLY AT BEL AIR*****

The Hydration Station is a full-body hydrating sauna that reaches up to 118 degrees. Our guests lay inside the pod for 20-30 minutes. The station uses infrared heat and nutrient-rich steam similar to a sauna, opening pores and hydrating and detoxing the body from head to toe. The service deeply moisturizes skin, increases skin elasticity and collagen, cleans pores and improves skin tone and texture.

Often, people don't realize how dry their skin is until they try a few sessions in the Hydration Station. Large bottles of body lotion won't give the same results. Once you see how your skin looks and feels with the right amount of moisture, you'll see why this spa service is so popular!